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Aro-Kleen Disposable Adult Diapers 10s – Blue And Grey


  • Comfort ? wearing a diaper can help avoid much of the discomfort felt when bladder leaks happen in regular clothing.
  • Less stress ? with adult diapers, the worry of clothing stains goes down. They also resolve the anxiety of constantly searching for a bathroom nearby when leaks happen.
  • Style ? The diapers are absorbent while still being thin and discreet under many types of clothing.
  • Convenience ? The adult diapers pull on and off in the same way as underwear, so they?re easy to change.
  • PARAMOUNT Aro-Kleen Disposable Adult Diapers
  • Size Extra Larger

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PARAMOUNT Aro-Kleen Disposable Adult Diapers 10s – Blue And Grey

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