Elastic Knee Support Medium


Wear all-day long for superior knee comfort ideal for use in hectic work environments and exercising helps manage arthritic conditions throughout the dry breathable material reduces heat and build-up of sweatMoves in motion with you as you run, walk or bike.
While some knee support tubes can help stabilise your knee, they can also create a lot of discomforts when worn for long periods of time.
That’s not something you have to worry about with this knee support which has been designed for use throughout the day to help alleviate pain while also ensuring there is no chafing or discomfort as a result.
Not everyone is a fan of taking painkillers and tablets to manage knee pain and this offers the perfect alternative. Thanks to the breathable material -the air still flows through to minimise sweat, heat and any potential itching.
At the same time, it remains firmly in place for as long as you need, allowing you to concentrate on your day without distraction.
Whether you need it to help walk around at work or at home or are searching for a little more support when going out for a run or bike ride, this knee support has the right level of compression to help.
You don’t have to worry about it slipping down your leg as you move either – which means you remain in control from the moment you put it on, to the moment you take it off.
Thanks to our years of sporting industry expertise, this knee support will respond effortlessly to your every movement, no matter how sudden.
If you are dealing with an arthritic knee condition this can also be worn underneath your clothes throughout the day.
It is a product that means pain and discomfort no longer dictate what you can or cannot do when you get out of bed.
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Knee Support, injury, knee protection, exercise, gym, fitness, knee pain, prevent sports and work out related injury.
A7-002- MEDIUM (Knee Circumference 34-38cm)





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