Elastic Wrist Support – Medium


Ideal to prevent and support sports and works related wrist injury.

This product is made of circular knitting bandages to provide maximum comfort, compression, heat therapy, and support to the wrist.

The internal material is cotton can absorb sweat and the knitting bandage can provide free ventilation. 4-way stretch is very comfortable and easy to put on & off.

Prolonged wearing can promote blood circulation, reduces pain and swelling, speeds up recovery, also prevent injury as well.
Wrist injury is the most common upper arm problem we encounter in our lives, especially when we use our wrist for a long time during work or sports.

Physical therapy and appropriate pain relief can help alleviate the problem, but as with all health problems, prevention is better than cure.

Knitted Palm Sleeve Wrist Brace: A hand Wrap can effectively protect your wrist during daily activities and prevent abrasions or contusions.

The lightweight but compression design allows you to maintain the flexibility of the wrist while providing support for the muscles of the wrist, reducing the pain caused by excessive use of the wrist, and keeping blood flow smoothly, relieving discomfort in the wrist.


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Prevents sports and work out related wrist injury. fitness, gym, wrist injury
A4-032 (MEDIUM)-Circumference 15-17cm
Knitted Material Breathable and lightweight, Made of high-toughness fabric, it provides good support for the wrist and prevents various abrasions and muscle contusions caused when using the wrist.
Elastic Design Compressive wrap fits your wrist more tightly, provides strong support for joints and muscles, protects your wrist, and helps wrist injury heal faster.
Suitable For All Activities Protect your wrists in various sports, volleyball, baseball, golf, yoga, and gymnastics. It is also suitable for wearing in daily life, protects your wrists and doesn’t wait until after an injury.

Material: Nylon, Rubber, Polyester fibre





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